Dogecoin says "Continue": rise of the DOGE is back on stage!

Dogecoin says Dogecoin says "Continue": rise of the DOGE is back on stage!


Dogecoin (DOGE) recorded a serious rise on January 28, and the price experienced an increase of about 1000% in a very short time. Thanks to this rise, it began to chart a decline, entering the top ten largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market volume for the first time since 2015. But judging by the recent charts, the rise of the DOGE seems not yet over.

DOGE price

With the move initiated by wallstreetbets (WBS),the price of the Doge rose. On January 28, a Twitter account called” WSB Chairman “asked, " Has the DOGE ever been $ 1?"he made a share in the form, and this share was enough for the Doge to rise 1000% within hours.

The price of Dogecoin fell after rising from $ 0.0075 to $ 0.080 and saw it level at $ 0.022.

But then the cryptocurrency, which traded at $ 0.040 with a 47% increase in 24 hours at the time of the Doge's price rising again and preparing for publication, may be signaling that it will continue to increase.

But it is also worth noting that at this point the Doge experienced an 80% increase in less than three hours yesterday.

Why is the DOGE rising?

In fact, Telegram groups, social media groups and intense bullish sentiment are behind the rise of the Doge. So it seems that other cryptocurrency communities are growing the bullish chart that wallstreetbets has started.

There is no clear information on how long the Doge's Ascent will continue or how long it will last. But for the moment, it seems that the DOGE has not yet said “OK.” Given the current figures, the Doge is expected to see $ 0.050 if it moves above $ 0.040.

But it is important to note that there is no clear basis for these rises and that caution is required when investing.

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