Video Of Volkswagen Recycling Car Batteries To Melt Inside Oil

Video Of Volkswagen Recycling Car Batteries To Melt Inside Oil


German car giant Volkswagen, electric cars use the batteries in the process of recycling announced that they will be put, an environmentally friendly company has emphasized that they will become. The company has released a new video of the recycling process taking place at the Salzgitter plant.

Batteries used in electric cars, as most of us know, consist of lithium-ion batteries. Processing lithium in plants and making it ready for use in batteries is an extremely costly task, and its release into nature as waste without recycling after use is also not welcome by environmentally friendly people.

The Volkswagen Group announced that the lithium ion batteries they will use in electric car models will be extensively recycled, noting that environmental friendliness lies in the infrastructure of electric car production. The German car giant has released a video showing the entire process taking place at its Salzgitter plant.

In the long term, the goal is to recover 90% of the batteries produced

The plant is still in the pilot stage, officials said, about 3,600 batteries will be recycled in the first year, with the increase in electric cars used in the market, this capacity will increase.

The main purpose of battery recycling is to separate raw materials such as lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt, aluminum, copper and plastic from each other through different processes. All these recycled materials will be used to produce a new battery.

When the batteries enter the recycling process, they are first disassembled, and all raw materials, including the case, enter the remanufacturing cycle. Then, the battery modules are crushed under pressure, and the resulting electrolyte liquid is converted into a substance called granulata.

When these substances are passed through magnetic tape and pulverized, substances such as lithium, manganese and cobalt become decomposable. A chemical company working in partnership with Volkswagen is starting to separate the raw materials using water and chemical components.

The company said all the batteries they recycle now belong to test vehicles because there is no electric car cycle on the market yet. Stating that it will offer almost 70 electric car models to the market within 10 years, the company announced that 72 million electric models in total will pass through the production line and will continue to use the same raw materials thanks to the recycling cycle.

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