Because of the epidemic, many cryptocurrency firms have frozen hiring. Even some like it are preparing for layoffs.

..., it is preparing to lay off people from its core staff soon. So Bitcoin Cash may have a hard time waiting. He will lay off half of his employees to the platform just five days before allegedly splitting. Shrinking

There is a lot of speculation about what might happen in the market if the price does not recover during the half-term. In fact, after last month's wave of sales that nearly caused the collapse of all markets, the Bitcoin network adjusted its mining challenges to $ 16.55 tn from $ 13.91 TN on March 26.

Meanwhile, several Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miners began operating on the Bitcoin (BTC) network last week, Bitcoinist reported. Giving up miners on the BCH network could have bad consequences for the cryptocurrency.

The BCH price, however, may be eyeing a similar recovery with the leading cryptocurrency at the moment. But BCH creators and advocates say they haven't seen much bullish signs.

According to the latest data, a list of companies that stopped or shut down their activities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem following coronavirus has been created. Appearances not only has their hiring stopped, but they are also poised to go down in the number of employees.

Work In The Days Of Corona

The only company to cut costs it's important to remember that it's not.For example, Bitfury also allows its employees who want to leave work immediately, and Ripple is currently known to freeze hiring.

However, there are also companies that continue to grow and carry out recruitment. For example, the Kraken went on to grow with 67 employees. In addition, Binance announced yesterday that about 180 people would be hired.